Worried for jobs, but unwilling to return to the office

There are a growing number of articles and reports, which leaves especially small and medium size business owners rather perplexed.

One of the major human resources specialists, Manpower, conducted a recent survey, which I find very interesting and representative in this regards.

According to the survey; while nine out of ten working people consider keeping their job to be the most important thing at the moment, due to an unprecedented and COVID induced economic crisis everyone fears for their jobs. Nevertheless, returning to the office is still a source of restraint for 94% of those surveyed. Interestedly, work/life balance seems to have become an even more important criterion for employees since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic than it was even before it began.

I believe, this will become a major area of conflict between the employers and employees when as the spread of Covid-19 slows or even disappears and the COVID fighting measures are lifted. And when employees currently teleworking will be called back to the office.

Although I understand people desire to work more flexibly and less, I do not see how the same level of incomes can be maintained this way especially at this time of economic contraction.

In my opinion, the society has been undergoing a major transformation regarding its relations with growth, consumption and sustainability over the past decade and that COVID -19 only accelerated this transformation.

Maybe the next survey should ask; are you willing to consent to lower incomes for more flexibility?
(by DoğanErbek and STF Team)


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