What Do HR Professionals Think About Your CV?

In the minds of the job seekers, “Do HR professionals like my resume?”, “How is my CV perceived by HR professionals?” include questions. Based on this insight, HR and Career Counselor Esra Kemer organized a questionnaire answered by nearly 200 HR professionals to ensure that job seekers have an idea about their CVs. The results of the survey give an idea about what HR experts should and should not be on the CVs of the candidates.Image result for CV Writing

CV Formasi, proudly founded by Emil Memmedzade, offers high quality CV forms, resume forms at affordable prices. Approximately 200 HR experts participated in the questionnaire I conducted with the title “Preview and Evaluation of CV in the Call for Interviews Stage”. The results of this survey will be useful for the job seekers as well as HR experts learn about each other’s opinions. The questions directed to HR professionals within the scope of the survey, the answers to these questions and my evaluations regarding the results are as follows:

How should the CV format be?

The majority of HR professionals think it should have a personalized CV. He states that the knowledge, skills and competencies of each individual should be included in the CV, as shown here: https://cvformasi.com/.

In addition, experts emphasize that resume content is also very important. White-collar specialist and executive positions are more sensitive and aware of the importance of the issue. In blue collar and intermediate positions, the format of job search channels can be seen as sufficient. My advice to candidates is that if they do not have a specific CV for them, they should prepare a target-oriented CV suitable for them as soon as possible.

HR professionals’ comments on this subject are as follows:

The important thing in a resume is to access the information of the candidate quickly and accurately. It should be a CV in which the content is accurately reflected and easy to read.

For positions that require creativity, the candidate’s CV format is of course important. However, the main thing about CV is its content. Such as job description, training details. In addition, it is important that there is no inconsistency in the information provided.

What do you pay attention to as the format of the candidates’ CVs?

Regular resumes are very important for HR professionals to find what they are looking for. In addition, we see that experts take into account spelling mistakes from the answers given. For this reason, it is critical that candidates pay attention to both the CV layout, the content and the spelling while writing their CVs. While some HR experts stated in the survey that the writing formats should be regular and standard, some HR professionals emphasize that creative or colored CVs do not have a plus, the important thing is the content in the CV.

In this sense, we can say that creative CVs work in positions that require creativity. A resume is an indicator of the professional’s value and professional brand. Candidates can prepare their CVs in a very sloppy, careless, and fast while writing. In addition, after a while, he can ignore his own work. In this sense, it will be beneficial for the job seeker to analyze himself well and prepare a goal-oriented CV in which he pays attention to order-form.

HR professionals’ comments on this subject are as follows:

The spelling, photograph, chronological writing of work experiences and the layout of the CV show the care given to the CV.

The cover letter helps us shape candidates into HR.

The general layout of the resumes is important for the first impression. Typos or messy content have a negative impact no matter how strong the person’s experience is.

Should there be a photo in the resume?

The majority of HR professionals want to see a photo on their resume. While the necessity of the photo varies according to the position, the photo to be included in the CV must be professional. Some experts state that the photo should be removed from the CV.

HR professionals’ comments on this subject are as follows:

When we meet the candidate face to face, it doesn’t matter that there is no photo. However, if I will evaluate the candidate’s resume later, the photo becomes important.

Having a photo on the resume allows us to remember the candidates after the job interview. Candidates whose photo is not included in their CV can sometimes be hardly remembered.

Today, CVs with photos are still taken into consideration. However, the photo must be removed from your CV. Because the experience and success of the person can be overshadowed by the photograph.

Are trainings, certificates and seminars important to you?

While some of the HR experts do not directly focus on the trainings / certificates received, others question the training / certification information according to the position to be recruited. Particular attention is paid to trainings taken in technical and special positions. One-day or half-day seminars on the CV do not attract attention. This issue is especially important for students and professionals advancing in their careers, because you need to write the necessary trainings for the position you aim to work, not every training on your CV.

HR professionals’ comments on this subject are as follows:

Attending seminars is important today, but unnecessary, all kinds of training

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