Top 8 Hair Braiding Tips for 2020

So you have made the decision to get braids! Great!

What an excellent choice! I love having braids and literally miss them with my entire heart in the time in between styles. Honestly, getting braids installed will not only make you feel so fly AF but also it definitely frees up a lot of time in the morning, allowing for more sweet, sweet time in your bed! We all know how important it is to keep hair in shape for longer, especially now with the whole virus situation !

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Now, The best thing about braids is that they require very low maintenance for 6-8 weeks (great for lazies like myself), but there are a few things to consider and remember before you have them installed (especially if it’s your first time) to ensure they stay looking on point!

There’s a ton of information online about hair braiding charlotte nc . We know we might talk a big game about braids, giving you a ton of inspiring braid tricks and tips for mastering the “perfect” braid. But here are 9 solid tips that are fresh for 2020, to keep your braids looking their absolute best . So we turned to the real M.V.Ps of the braid world and asked for their best, most-genius tips to make braiding even easier. Read on, and then proceed immediately to a mirror to test everything out on yourself.

1. Know what you want and what you can have

You want braids – ok cool cool, but what braids? Box braids, Marley twists, Senegalese twists, micro braids, tree braids… there are dozens of options and it’s important you nail down the style you want so you can buy the right texture synthetic hair and find the right braider for the style. Gemma Moodie, Natural Hair Specialist at Hype Coiffure Battersea, advises to talk to your braider about what would suit your hair before you start, “consult with your stylist about whether braids with synthetic extensions are suitable for your hair. Discussing prior chemical services about the condition of your hair is a great start. Then think about what size and length of braids are best for you. If the braids are too big and long, they may create damage and breakage along your hairline, due to the tension and weight of them.”

2. “Braid hair when it’s wet or damp,

so you can catch all the loose ends inside the braid and form a really clean, sleek style. Also, rubbing a lightweight texturizing wax or cream [editor’s note: We love Redken Braid Aid 03 Defining Lotion] on each section before braiding helps holds little layers in place.” –Patrick Melville, founder of Patrick Melville Salon

3. Prep is key

Your hair is going to be tucked away for a couple of months so you want to make sure it’s in the best condition going into the style. Wash it, condition it and deep condition the day before to make sure your hair is clean and nourished before styling, The Dizziak Deep Conditioner, is great for injecting moisture. Also if you tend to co-wash your hair normally, this is a time you might want to switch back to a more clarifying shampoo to get rid of any build up on the lengths of your hair. The Moroccanoil Clarifying Shampoo, is great for thoroughly cleansing without stripping the hair.

4. Set aside a day

Like any work of art, braiding takes time, so don’t be surprised if you have to set aside a large chunk of your day for your new style. On average, a speedy braider can complete medium-sized braids in around six hours but micro braids can take double that time so plan accordingly.

5. “If you’re trying to keep a braid intact for more than a day

don’t use products on your hair for the first day of the braid, then on the second day, can play around and make it a more disheveled, broken up braid [editor’s note: Mist the braid with Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast to give it a piece-y, boho feel].” –Melville

6. Give it a few weeks

When you first have your braids installed, your head will feel alien to you for at least a week due to the weight of the braids and the fact that your scalp can now feel the direction of the wind – it’s just a fact. You will feel like you have to move your entire body to speak to someone, not just your neck. This feeling will past and as the braids begin to loosen up slightly you’ll be able to style them, flip them and whip them back and forth as much as you want. But your braids shouldn’t EVER hurt when they are being put in, sure it can feel tender, but if they feel too tight tell your braider, this is important as it can damage your hair and scalp health.

7. Wash with care

It’s a myth that you don’t need to or shouldn’t wash your hair when it’s braided. You definitely should as product build up, dead skin cells and general dirt from life can mount up in the plait. Grim. You just can’t wash it as you normally would as a) Vigorous washing can cause frizz and b) You won’t be able to get all the product out of your braids which can cause breakage. To wash use a diluted shampoo or apple cider vinegar mix, focus it on your scalp, wash gently and then rinse thoroughly. You can’t use heat on synthetic hair so just be patient and allow it to air-dry. Finish up your routine with a soothing scalp oil such as the Isla Apothecary Nourishing Hair and Scalp Oil, which is contains coconut and Argan oils.

8. Make it last!

“To make them last, make sure you sleep with a silk headscarf so everything is kept in place,” says Rita Balogun, owner of Radiant Salon. Fold your scarf into a triangle shape and wrap around your braids. You can bunch your braids into a loose low pony or let them hang free in the scarf. Or if you’re not about the headscarf life a satin pillowcase is a decent alternative, this keeps the braid from frizzing or falling out.”