As an adult, permanent teeth are meant to last a lifetime but then, there are some reasons as to why tooth extraction becomes necessary at times. The common reasons badly damaged teeth due to decay or trauma which needs to be repaired and mild to severe pain.

Below are some of the signs that may indicate that the tooth needs to have a tooth extracted

  • Crowded mouth.

If a patient is going to undergo orthodontia,the dentists will pull teeth to help prepare the mouth. The orthodontia is done to align the teeth properly,which won’t be possible only if your teeth are too big for your mouth.

If a tooth cannot erupt or break through a gum because of not having enough room in the mouth for it, dentist may recommend on pulling the tooth. Also if you have an extra tooth that may possibly block other teeth from coming in, the tooth extraction may be done.

  • Infection in the mouth

If tooth decay or damage is left untreated, it can extend to the pulp or the centre of the tooth, which contains the nerves as well as the corresponding blood vessels. Be aware that any bacteria can then go through this part and might lead to infection.

  • Gum disease.

This is also known as periodontal disease which is known as the infection of the tissues and bones surrounding and supporting the teeth, may have caused loosing of tooth, which makes it necessary to be extracted.

  • Wisdom teeth system.

This always feels like teething even though you are already an adult. This is usually situated at the back of your mouth; swelling can be felt as if there is a tooth trying to erupt. It is also known as the third molars, the wisdom teeth are often extracted either before or after they come in. Wisdom teeth often come in when a person is in his/her late teens or early 20s.

Whenever you feel any sort of pain in your teeth, you need not really think about extraction. To be sure, have an appointment with your dentists and have it checked. treasure valley dental care does it not hesitate to call or visit there page for more information.

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