Science Suspense Movie in Telugu

Barring a few states, most movie theatres and multiplexes have reopened across India. However, the social distancing measures in place, restrictions on the occupancy in theatres, and several controversies have ensured that the Indian film industry is not entirely out of the Covid-19 rot yet.

Given the precarious situation that the Indian movie industry finds itself in, actors, producers, and multiplex owners are pinning their hopes on South Indian movies to lead the way to recovery.

The reason behind the optimism is the mass appeal of commercially entertaining South Indian movies. It was no surprise that the ten most tweeted-about movies in 2020 were all South Indian films.


South Indian films, especially Telugu movies, are in a league of their own. Their performances will help resume the recovery cycle and inspire confidence in the industry. The industry is also looking up to South Indian films because of the massive demand for their dubbed Hindi versions across movie channels and the increasing popularity of South Indian stars among Indian audiences.

However, given the neverending Covid-19 crisis, extended lockdowns, and the current state of affairs, the recovery will not be easy. It is increasingly becoming clear that OTT platforms are here to stay, even post the pandemic. These platforms offer viewers an opportunity to watch their favorite shows and Newmovies online without stepping out of their homes. Therefore, the South Indian film industry must incorporate these platforms into their armory as soon as possible to reach out to millions of viewers at much less a cost.

Aha is one such OTT platform available on mobile, Tablets, Smart TVs, and other streaming devices. Its excellent on-demand online video streaming services cater exclusively to Telugu audiences. It allows viewers to watch ad-free shows and Telugu moviesonline and also offers expert movie reviews.

In continuation with its trend, Aha brings the review of the Telugu movie Forensic.


IPS Rithika Xavier (Mamta Mohandas) is entrusted with the duty to solve the case of small girls being mysteriously kidnapped and killed. She is soon joined on her team by the forensic expert Samuel John Kattukaran (Tovino Thomas) and Shikha (Reba Monica John). As days fly by, the case gets more complicated because of both its link with an event that transpired ten years ago and the troubled relationship between Rithika and Samuel. How the two officers go about solving the case despite their differences is the movie’s story.


Tovino Thomas has put in a strong performance. Mamta Mohandas is excellent in her role as a cop. RenjiPanicker and SajjuKurup bring their usual ‘A’ game and lend good support.

Camerawork, Music, and Direction

The camerawork, done by Akhil George, is sleek and adds to the movie’s suspense elements. Jakes Bejoy’s music is good and adds depth.

Forensic is the debut movie for Director duo Akhil Paul and Anas Khan. However, they have done an excellent job highlighting the intricate details associated with crime investigation and forensic science. All in all, they have managed to deliver an investigative thriller that will keep you guessing till the very end. Give it a try.

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