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Tech Hard Oilfield Items FZE can be an ISO – 9001: 2015 qualified company that is based in Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, UAE, with around 2 decades of experience. We are well versed in the supply of wide range of high-standard products and services and equipment with global acceptance and certifications. TechHard is a respected suppliers of Metal Pipes and Tubes, fittings , flanges, commercial valves, nails, gaskets, welding equipment, flow meters, pumps, flying roof, packing hands, fireplace fighting products and services in Dubai, UAE.

TechHard Oilfield Product Products is among the leading oilfield gear manufacturers in Dubai, UAE, Center East areas, and neighboring GCC countries. We serve major local and global customers, including drilling companies, offshore and maritime engineering companies, and shipyards, in addition to various other industrial portfolios of diverse professional sectors.

Our Services and products

Pipes and Pipes

Computer Hard FZE is a leading dealer of Steel Pipes and tubes Suppliers Dubai in Dubai, UAE. We are provider of all types of CarImage result for Steel Pipes and tubes Suppliersbon Metal, Alloy Steel, Stainless Metal, Copper Nickel Pipes, Duplex and Tremendous Duplex, Opera Moly, Clothed materials, Pipes in numerous sizes, resources and grades.


Computer Difficult Oilfield is really a key provider and distributor of Flanges in various dimensions, levels and materials. We also make available custom exclusively designed Flanges according to certain requirements, requirements of the clients. We offer all types of Flanges such as for instance: Slip on, Weld neck, Socket weld, Threaded Flange, Blind, Lap Shared, Point, Nozzle, Spectacle, Spade and Spacer, Orifice, Swivel Band and all the forms that can be purchased in various grades.

Nails and Gaskets

We’re the leading vendor for nails, gaskets, screws in UAE. Fasteners are available in various dimensions, resources and levels including: Carbon Steel, Stainless Metal, Alloy Material, GI, Very Metal, Duplex Metal and Non-Ferrous materials. We also especially designed screws and products conference clients demand for critical programs in hostile environments.


TechHard is respected across various countries for method of getting best quality industrial valve services and products including: cast steel gate device, globe and check valves, cast steel entrance valve, baseball device, flying baseball device and metal oiled plug valve.

Pipe Fittings

We are also stockist, dealer and provider of forms of pipe and tube fittings in various types including smooth, butt weld, forged and outlet. Our Pipe fitting services and products can be found in various typical levels, dimensions and in the components including Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Metal Metal, Duplex, Super Duplex and various Nickel Mix (Inconel, Incoloy, Hastelloy, Monel).

Project Materials

We offer dedicated integrated help solutions and top-quality solution materials to upstream and downstream Fat and Gas, Improving, Petrochemical, Underwater, Desalination, Power, Pipeline, Water and Utility Industries throughout the globe. Some of the major project products products contain: Pushes, Movement Yards, Filling Hands, Suspended Roofs, Welding equipment and accessories, Fireplace Fitting products and services and Professional Hoses.

Technology Difficult Building Materials LLC recognized in Dubai, U.A.E because the entire year 1999 is just a important Exporter of Oilfield, Steel, Equipment, Electrical and different Industrial materials to East & Key and other African-american places including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Mozambique, and Zambia providing Oil industry as well as construction industry. We source from our stocks in Dubai and also source straight from Dubai, different GCC countries, South Africa, Egypt (Comesa), India, Malaysia, Ukraine, China, Taiwan, China, Holland, Spain, Turkey, Italy & U.K. With specific & skilled workforce we can focus on a number of requirements in little possible time.

Tech Difficult Making Resources LLC can be tailored up logistically to offer customer care at distinctive level. With the aid of well qualified staff and logistic capability business can certainly manage day-to-day needs of both upstream and downstream consumers as well as key projects. Computer Hard Creating Products LLC having its wide variety of services and products and network of sellers can look after customer’s requirements really professionally.

For the demands for Pipes, Tubes, Fittings and Project Products Products, please feel free to make contact with us. Our sales and marketing group is ready 24×7 to help you and give the most effective quotes. Please send us your requirements on email: [email protected] or call our revenue group on +971 48807653 / +971 43477714.