The main difference between movable beds and normal beds is that the angle of inclination for the head and or foot of the head can be adjusted such that anyone can sleep in other than a horizontal position. These beds are electric where small motors are used to drive gears to move portions of the bed higher or lower, according to the climb out of bed, which is very useful for recuperating patients in hospitals or at home. Cheap adjustable models where there is only a manual crank handle to turn and change the angle of the bed. With the adjustable mattresses, it’s a good solution for the people with a variety of chronic problems especially poor circulation, muscular problems, mobility difficulties and arthritis. These patients normally have problem getting restorative sleep on normal flat mattresses because they cannot target support specific pressure points on the body.7 Benefits of Sleeping in an Adjustable Bed » Residence Style

Many patients today choose to recuperate at home and thus adjustable beds are considered very high end luxury items in the bedding industry and the flagship beds often come with very sophisticated multi-chamber air mattresses to support and relieve the body from various pain and stress. Apart from controlling the angle of bed, they can also can also control the firmness and air pressure at different portions of the bed for a very finely customizable solution. Some luxury adjustable beds are even built with massaging and heater units that can be controlled using the remote control.

Never think adjustable beds are only meant for single patients. The beds also come in double, queen and king size beds.

The split queen bed and mattress come in separate movable parts to allow a couple different sleeping angles while lying on the same bed.

The movable electric beds are useful for people that require a more comfortable sleep that cannot be offered adequately by normal mattresses. Simple change in sleeping angle will always help a lot with circulation problems and bone and joints alignments that affects the quality of lying on the bed.

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