How to Set Up a Dial Up World-wide-web Connection

A dial-up account from an ISP: They ought to offer you with a quantity to dial in to connect to the World wide web, as effectively as a user name and password. This information will be necessary to set up the connection on your personal computer.

A land-primarily based phone line: Unless employing a cell telephone as a modem (see beneath), the modem will have to have to be connected to a land line. A telephone can still be on this line by connecting it by way of the “out” port on the modem.

A dial-up modem: There are two kinds of modems.

Soft modem: Often named “Winmodems,” these are essentially sound cards that connect to a telephone line, with all of the conversion amongst sound and information handled by computer software. Windows and OSX have built-in drivers for these devices, requiring no further software installation. Some soft modems can be configured to perform under Linux employing the Scanmodem tool, but help is really spotty.

Some cell phones can be made use of as soft modems by connecting the phone’s data port to the personal computer through USB. A particular driver will need to be installed to use the telephone as a modem alternatively of a data storage device this drive is at times included with the USB cable, or can be downloaded off the Net. Keep in thoughts that wireless charges will nevertheless apply, in addition to Net service charges.

Hardware modem: A hardware modem does all the conversion amongst sound and data itself. These modems are guaranteed to work with Linux, and can supply a slight performance increase as the processor does not have to deal with information conversion. Having said that, this added ability signifies significantly greater costs. All modems that connect to a serial (RS-232) port are hardware modems.

Windows 7

In the Commence menu, select Settings, and then click on the “Connections” tab. Click on “Add a new modem connection.” This will get started a connection wizard.

Enter a name for the connection field. This name is the on you will use to locate your connection on the personal computer, and can be something you like. Click “Next.”

In the “Choose a modem” field, choose “Cellular Line,” even if you are applying a land line and click “Subsequent.”

On the subsequent screen, enter the telephone quantity supplied by your ISP, and then click “Next.”

Lastly, enter the user name and password for your service account, and then click “Finish.”

Windows Vista

In the Start off menu, select “Connect To.” A screen will pop up showing available network connections. Click “Set up a connection or network” below this list.

On the following screen, select “Set up a dial-up connection.” A connection wizard will now open, asking for the following info:

Dial-up phone quantity: The phone quantity supplied by your ISP to connect to the World wide web.

User Name and Password: These are offered by your ISP. Check the “Recall this password” box if you would like to connect devoid of possessing to variety in the password each and every time.

Connection Name: This name is employed for you to preserve track of this connection. It does not need to have to be particular to the service.

Permit other people to see this connection: Checking this box will permit other users on the laptop to use this connection.

Windows XP

In the Begin menu, click on “Handle Panel,” and then “Network and World-wide-web Connections.”

Click on “Network Connections.” Here you will have a decision of “New Connection Wizard” and “Network Setup Wizard.” Click on “New Connection Wizard.”

On the “Network Connection Kind” screen, select “Connect to the World wide web.”

This is followed by a “Getting Ready” screen. Pick to “Set up my connection manually.”

Subsequent, select “Connect working with a dial-up modem.”

You will now be asked for the name of your ISP. This will be employed for you to come across the connection on the computer system, and can be any name you can remember, not just the ISP name.

On the following screen, sort in the telephone quantity used to access your ISP.

Subsequent is the “World wide web Account Details” screen. Here how to fix the connection was reset will need to have to kind in your iSP account’s user name and password. Verify “Use this account name and password when everyone connects to the Web from this personal computer” if you would like other customers to have access to this account. Verify “Make this the default World wide web connection” if this is your main connection to the Net: if a program is launched that uses the World-wide-web, it will automatically try to connect using this account. Unless you have a third-party firewall installed, verify “Turn on World wide web Connection Firewall for this connection.”

Ultimately, you will have the option to add a shortcut to the connection on the desktop. Make your decision, and click on “Finish.”


From the Apple menu, choose “Program Preferences.” Under the “View” menu, choose “Network.”

Pick the variety of modem you are utilizing from the menu side bar” “Internal Modem” for a modem constructed into your computer, or “External Modem” for one connected to the outdoors of your computer system.

A new screen will pop up where you will be in a position to type in the telephone number, connection name, user name, and password for your account. Fill in these fields and verify the “Show modem status in menu bar” to have an icon areas on the menu bar that you can use to manage and monitor the connection. Click on “Apply” or “Apply Now.”


Setup can differ from distribution to distribution, but the majority of distros will have “Networking” listed beneath the “Administration” menu.

Under the “Connections” tab, click on “Modem Connection,’ and then click “Properties.” A new window will open.

Beneath the “Common” tab, verify the “Enable this connection” box, and form in the phone number for accessing your ISP, and the user name and password for your account.

Under the “Modem” tab, make sure “Dial Variety” is set to “Tones.”

Below the “Solutions” tab, verify the boxes for “Use the Internet service provider’s name servers” and “Retry if connection breaks or falls apart.” Checking “Set modem as default route to the Net” will bring about the modem to automatically connect if a plan that utilizes an World wide web connection is launched.