How To Obtain the “Right” SoundCloud Connections

As a SoundCloud user, you can gain connections anywhere. That’s not the hard part of being your own marketing music producer.

The hard part is making sure those connections are real.

Real connections hold potential for you. Real connections are made by the music aficionado who came across your piece on SoundCloud and loved it so much they decided to promote it on their massive social media channel.

But How Do You Gain “Real” Connections?

Understandably, real connections are very hard to find. That’s because they’re worth something and making connections that are worth their weight in gold is invaluable to you as a music producer.

However, here’s a little secret:

SoundCloud won’t even give you a chance to make these new connections because it’s too busy flooding Mr. Aficionado’s feed with higher-ranked and more popular artists for him to listen to. Because he is himself popular, he is surrounded by other popular accounts. How can you expect to break into this market? It’s impossible – unless you attain an initial large following.

That’s right. Real, valuable connections can only be made after an initial following has been established. You need a base of listeners who regularly engage with your posts and content to back up the legitimacy of your account and your musical talent. If your song has 25,000 plays as compared to a song with 200 plays, someone is more likely to come across your song. This gets you more listens and likes passively – all you need to do is get the ball rolling.

Gaining real connections can be compared to pushing a giant snowball down a hill.

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If you start with a snowball you can fit in the palm of your hand and try to push it down a hill, you’ll smush the snowball – this is known as immediate failure for a new, unpopular account trying to promote their music.

If you start with a snowball that is taller than you, there’s a good chance that snowball will continue to get bigger and bigger as it gains speed and barrels down the hill. This is known as a popular new account starting out with twenty thousand followers and gaining 500 new followers and listens every single day for months.

You want the big snowball. Having it makes gaining Soundcloud connections and followers a lot easier fanmajor.

Make use of promotional strategies, paid services and word of mouth to obtain this initial following. Once the hard work is done, you’ll be able to passively attract more plays and viewers because Soundcloud will recognize you as a “larger” artist than your competition.

We hope this article helped you gain more real connections on SoundCloud – and remember, always keep looking!

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