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The movement to buy marijuana online UK is a global occurrence. People all over the world are pushing governments to make this controversial plant legal, and in some places, it’s actually working. Be it for medicinal or recreational use; governments are beginning to change their minds about the legal status of cannabis.

In the USA, medical marijuana can now be purchased in over half of states, plus Washington D.C. A few states also allow recreational use. Canada made a big stir when it legalized recreational cannabis nationwide for adults over the age of 21. Things like this are raising questions about whether other governments should follow suit.

where can i buy thc weed in UKA few countries in Europe are also relaxing their attitudes toward marijuana. Several allow medicinal marijuana use in some form, although the system is not quite the same as in America.

Portugal, Spain, and the Netherlands have decriminalized personal use of marijuana, too.

So, what about the U.K.? As one of the more influential countries, the U.K.’s stance surely matters. But what is the legal status of cannabis in Great Britain?

What the Law Says: Is Cannabis Legal in the U.K.?The U.K. – defined as England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – has a single law on cannabis which applies to all of these territories. This is handy because it means that British residents don’t have to abide by four separate laws.

Drugs in the U.K. are classified by letter, depending on the perceived severity of the substance. Class A drugs, including things like cocaine, are the most serious and warrant the most penalties. Most drugs have retained the original status they were awarded in the 1971 misuse of drugs act

The government classifies cannabis as a Class B substance under this 1971 Act. It ranks alongside ketamine, codeine, and amphetamines. In 2004, it was briefly reclassified to the lesser status of Class C, but Prime Minister Gordon Brown reinstated its Class B classification in 2008. His actions were actually against the advice of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs.

As it stands, cannabis is illegal to grow, possess, and distribute in the U.K. Doing so can incur penalties and legal ramifications. However, law enforcement in the U.K. recognizes that cannabis crimes are not the most serious, and many U.K. citizens disagree with the plant’s harsh classification.