Golf Etiquette – A Very Significant Part of the Game

If you are a novice golfer you need to be aware of the value of golf etiquette within the Official Rules of Golf. For the inexperienced player, golf etiquette can be a minefield so it pays to get to grips with the appropriate way to behave if you want to remain welcome on the course.

Golf etiquette #1

If you book a tee-off time ensure that you arrive punctually at the initial tee, and do not take practice swings on that or any other tee – normally take them to the side of the tee.

Golf etiquette tip #two

Constantly stand to the suitable of a player taking a shot and in no way straight behind. Do not get ahead of any person who is playing a shot.

Golf tips #3

If you take a divot replace and usually repair pitch marks on the green.

Golf etiquette tip #4

If you believe a ball may well be lost get used to playing a provisional shot so you do not have to return to the tee. If the ball is lost, you are permitted five minutes to appear for it but do be aware of people today playing behind you and, if important, permit them to play by way of.

Golf etiquette tip #five

Preserve up a superior pace when walking between shots so as not to hold up play. If a gap opens up involving your group and the group in front of you then be ready to get in touch with the players behind you by way of if they are possessing to wait for you.

Golf etiquette tip #6

If you land in a bunker rake it when you have finished. If there is no rake available then use your clubhead.

Golf etiquette tip #7

When you are playing up to a green make sure the players ahead of you have finished placing and are nicely clear of the green. In no way put your bag or cart on the green but leave them to the side, preferably near the point at which you will leave the green to get to the subsequent tee.

Golf etiquette tip #8

Never ever tread on your opponent’s placing line and if you have to mark the position of your ball do so by placing a ball marker or coin directly behind the ball (unless it will interfere with a further player’s line, in which case mark it to the side) and always replace your ball exactly where you picked it up from.

Golf etiquette tip #9

When tending the flag hold it so it doesn’t flap in the wind and make positive you do not cast a shadow over the hole. Lift the flag out slightly so that you can take away it with ease as quickly as your opponent has struck his putt. When you have finished on the green exit it speedily and do not stand about marking your scorecard.

Golf etiquette tip #10

If you hit a ball that appears like it may well hit somebody or if you hit it more than trees towards a further fairway that you can not see you have to often shout ‘fore’. If you hear yet another player shout ‘fore’ do not stand there looking around to see if the call was for your advantage, just cover your head with your arms and crouch down to make oneself as little a target as attainable.

Golf is a superb sport and if you adhere to these guidelines you should not go as well far wrong so just go out and have a very good game!