Easy guide to environmentally-friendly periods


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As the fight against plastic goes on across the globe, everyone knows what effects plastic has on the environment. Many people, probably including you, are for this fight. However, what can you do to make a difference? A good example is how women can join in and help in this fight. The period products women use each month are mostly plastic. Luckily, there is something you can do about it.

When buying menstrual products, make sure you are sensitive to the environment. Also, buy from dealers such as the moon time store. They specialize in selling reusable menstrual products, which can help to preserve the environment. In this article, we provide some of the options you can take to ensure you have environmentally friendly periods.

Menstrual cups should be one of the first options you should consider. Some of the top brands manufacture menstrual cups that can last up to five to ten years. Do a little math; experts say that an average woman menstruates for up to forty years. If one cup lasts for five years, then that means a woman uses only eight of them in a lifetime. That is being environment-friendly.

You can also consider using washable cloth pads. They look like disposable pads, but they are different in other aspects. Manufacturers use natural materials to make them. Also, they can last to a maximum of ten years. They can help to replace the thousands of disposables that go into the environment, causing hazards.

Organic pads are another option to help attain an environmentally friendly planet. The fascinating thing about them is that they can last for long. Although they are disposable, they do not contain any chemicals, unlike other disposable items. Besides, manufacturers do not use any plastic in their manufacture, including when making the packaging materials. They are a better option health-wise and environment wise.