Decreasing Candidate Drop-Off Rates Through Mobile Recruiting

Mobile recruiting is surely not a new idea in the staffing and recruiting business. In the past 10 years, implementing mobile recruiting tactics has turn out to be increasingly much more critical for recruiting good results! In the present candidate driven marketplace even though it is even additional important to hold candidates engaged all through the whole recruiting funnel. From the initial application course of action, to communication all through, statistics show the importance of providing candidates a mobile, user friendly expertise to enable lower drop-off prices. In this post we will explore the added benefits of getting a mobile friendly application and using SMS messaging as a form of communication with candidates. We will also explore the fancy world of Chatbots and how specifically they can come into play inside our mobile recruiting strategies!

The Mobile Friendly Application

In 2020, a study performed by Appcast showed that 60.7% of job applications had been completed on a mobile device compared to 39.3% on desktop. Desktop apply prices also decreased by 6.7% and mobile apply prices improved by 21.2% in 2020 compared to 2019. There is no denying that extra and much more applicants are applying on mobile devices versus a desktop pc. Generating a brief and user-friendly mobile application is one way to motivate mobile applicants to finish the application. Candidates who are applying on their mobile device are on the go and want to be capable to go via the application with the least number of clicks. A Glassdoor study showed that mobile job seekers completed 53% fewer applications. That same study showed that promoting a job opening as mobile-friendly can raise the number of job applicants by 11.6%!

Some questions to think about for a mobile application:

Does your mobile application have the potential to submit a resume and parse it into your program? If so, does the applicant want to go through filling out the details already on the resume, such as job history and education?
Can you wait on collecting specific details from the candidate in the initial application course of action? If so, this can aid shorten the application to support make sure much more candidates comprehensive it.
Even although collecting as much information as achievable is helpful from a recruiting standpoint, it can also deter applicants from finishing the mobile application since it is also extended. Shortening the mobile application can aid boost the number of applications getting completed and coming into the program.
This is specifically essential now when candidates have the upper hand and have a quantity of job possibilities offered to them.

SMS Messaging with Candidates

Texts are a thing you commonly exchange with mates or loved ones, but in the previous numerous years texting has turn into a well-liked type of communication with candidates even. Statistics even show there are many positive aspects of sending a text message more than emailing or calling. According to our companion Text-Em-All, the typical e-mail has only an 18% open rate, exactly where the average text has a 98% study price. A study performed by EZ Texting also showed that 78% of individuals respond to texts in 10 minutes or significantly less. Robocalls and spam calls have become a greater situation as properly, exactly where less folks answer phones from unknown numbers. A survey performed for Hiya revealed that 94% of folks let unidentified incoming calls go unanswered. Text-Em-All also reports that only 60% of voicemails are listened to and a Message Desk survey discovered that folks are four times additional probably to respond to a text message than get in touch with back.

Does this imply that e-mail and phone call communication really should be eliminated from recruiting approaches? Not necessarily, but it can be a good way to complement it. 1 of the main advantages of SMS messaging is that your message will be noticed sooner and you will more probably receive a response (and a faster one.) This is a big benefit for recruiters as they are trying to fill positions immediately and effectively. It really is also an advantage for the candidate, since you are communicating in a way that’s uncomplicated for them to respond, especially if they at present have a job. It is substantially harder to respond back by means of an email or telephone contact through the functioning hours.

1 of the main takeaways though for SMS Messaging is that it assists preserve the candidates you are functioning with engaged with your conversations if they are seeing your message almost immediately. They are far more probably to respond and keep in the recruiting funnel versus ghosting your messages. Numerous ATS providers, have partnerships with SMS messaging organizations that allow for two-way text and broadcast messaging. Getting a constructed-in ATS integration streamlines your communication and frequently times will record all messages becoming sent in the candidate’s record. Some ATS integrations even provide a “job accept” function that allows candidates to accept a job give appropriate from the text message, eliminating time communicating back and forth, and increasing the possibilities of a candidate finishing the recruiting cycle and finding placed.

Chatbots by means of SMS Messaging

Chatbots are one particular of the most up-to-date trends in the staffing and recruiting business. bot for websites may ask although, what is a Chatbot exactly and how is it used in recruiting? It’s simply an automated bot that enables you to communicate with candidates. Some might think it sounds impersonal, but definitely Chatbots can support boost engagement among candidates, while eliminating manual tasks for recruiters.