6 Best Instant Loan Apps Like Dave


1. PayActiv

PayActiv is another cash advance apps like Dave & Earnin that allows employees to access their earned money prior to getting their paycheck. Additionally, PayActiv gives financial coaching to its consumers, educating them on the many methods for managing resources properly. PayActiv also has a feature that allows you to pay your bills and get discounts on prescription drugs. Apart from that, it provides a debit card that enables speedy money withdrawals. However, cash transfers may incur a modest cost of $5.

2. FlexWage

FlexWage is a great option for cash advance apps like dave & Earnin for employees looking to convert their labour hours into immediate cash. Additionally, FlexWage provides payroll debit cards to employees who are paid by paper checks and do not have bank accounts. All of these services, however, are available for a nominal cost of $5. However, the services offered by FlexWage are worth investigating, particularly if you qualify for their debit card.

3. Chime

Chime, is another cash advance apps like Earnin and Dave and is meticulous in its operation. It enables you to receive your paycheck up to two business days ahead of schedule. Chime, on the other hand, operates in a somewhat different manner. When you register for the app, you will obtain a Visa Debit Card and a spending account. Additionally, you can use Chime to create a savings account.

Chime does not require a monthly subscription. It earns money from the interchange fees associated with each use of the Visa Debit Card. Apart from that, you will be charged around $2.5 when withdrawing cash from an ATM that is not part of Chime’s ATM network.

4. Branch

The majority of loan lending apps, such as cash advance apps like Dave & Earnin, do not accept hourly employee applications. Branch provides a platform to assist hourly employees in achieving financial stability, as they are particularly susceptible to cash flow issues. There are no membership fees and there is no interest charged on the loan. Additionally, it gives services to individuals without ever examining their credit score. After the employee applies, the cash is sent within three working days. However, for a modest cost, you can obtain quick cash.

5. DailyPay

DailyPay operates on a similar model to Earnin, but is less popular. DailyPay partners with businesses that want to assist their employees in obtaining cash loans until their next paycheck arrives. It enables users to link their bank accounts to the app, as well as specify the number of working hours every day. As the user’s working hours rise, the balance builds, and the user can subsequently use it to obtain advance cash for a nominal transfer fee of $1.25.

6. Even

Even is a robust financial planning tool that differs slightly from cash advance apps like dave & Earnin. It is ideal for anyone looking to improve their financial well-being. Instead of waiting for your paycheck to arrive, you receive instant access to your earned income with Even. Additionally, it has a variety of financial management features that will assist you in organising your finances and planning your monthly budgets in order to avoid falling into the vicious debt cycle. The one disadvantage of this app is that it is only available if your company also utilises it.